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Manchester City Team of the Decade Lithograph - Sketch Print and Booklet

Your Price: $94.00
  • Product ID: 12033625
  • Includes a bonus print of the artist's preliminary pencil sketch. 600mm x 280mm
  • Meticulously reproduced from the original artwork, this Fine Art Lithograph has been printed on 300 gsm art paper. 950mm x 428mm
  • Also includes 23-page colour booklet explaining the many stories woven into the scene. 210mm x 210mm
Get the ultimate addition to any true City fan's home with this Manchester City Team of The Decade Lithograph, Artist's Sketch Print and Booklet.   This stunning artwork from internationally renowned artist, Jamie Cooper features 20 players, 3 managers and various invited guests in the crowd, celebrating this phenomenal era of success.     What this glittering, trophy-laden decade has done more than anything is redefine the phrase 'typical City'.   Eleven years ago, the very essence of being a City fan meant that leading a match 2-0, with a few minutes left on the clock, was a signal for increased blood pressure, a thumping heart rate and an innate sense of doom. It was routine, even with that kind of lead, for the Maine Road (and then Etihad) faithful to take-on the look of a panic-stricken climber, hanging from the narrowest of ledges by his or her fingertips.   Fast forward to today, and 'typical City' now means winning trophies, setting records and playing the most beautiful football.   What has not changed in ten years though, is City fans clinging to a certain underdog spirit and humour that has galvanised them through so many of the bad times. That is why this epic work of art depicts so many different facets of the journey, and openly nods to the qualities that have led Manchester City to be England's pre-eminent team of 2010 - 2020.   - Chris Bailey, Manchester City Editor In Chief     From the Artist –    ""My challenge in this, my second commission for the Club, was to encapsulate the euphoria of City's incredible decade of success. I have created a mythical finale whistle, capturing the players in personal moments of triumph. Fans will recognise some of the poses, as they were pivotal to the team's momentum during this golden era. I've woven these disparate moments into one joyous 'blue heaven', in front of a festive Etihad Stadium crowd. Please note that I have taken some artistic license in that all players are in their home strip, even though some moments were from away games. I wanted to create a seamless and unified 'sea of blue'."